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What's some good backup software? Running Windows 7 and I intend to backup my files to DVD.

I can not remember the program I used in the past, I thought it was Nero, but after getting a trial version of it to try I don't see the ability to do what I want.

Basically, I have a directory with over 100GB worth of images. I want to be able to just select this directory in the program, tell it to burn to a DVD and it proceed to burn the files to multiple DVDs. As one DVD fills up, it ejects it, asks me to insert a new blank disc and continues.

I do not want ANY compression. I want to be able to get data directly off each DVD individually. I've done it before, I just can't seem to recall how. :eek:
Windows backup only wants to backup to a hard drive or network drive, not to removable media such as a DVD. At least, anytime I try to use it my only backup options are to one of my two drives.

Additionally, I don't think it allows individual files or directories to be backed up. It just wants to create an image of the entire install; something I do not want because even if I did backup the entire image, I don't think I could grab files off the image individually. I would have to restore the entire image. So if something goes corrupt on it, I lose everything.
Windows backup can do individual files and folders, image is just an option. Personally I would use an external drive rather than DVD unless you just have a really small amount of data and then I would use USB thumb drives. DVD media isn't the best long term solution but if you wanted to use it for some small backups, you could just use a burning program to burn the files and folders you want to back up.
I have DVDs from 2005 that work just just fine. What kind time are we talking about? 8 years is a long time to keep data and those DVDs are showing no signs of going bad. (I also have all the data on those DVDs stored on my PC, so they'll be stored on the new DVDs as well)

I have ~1TB worth of data I need to backup. I already have them stored onto two separate locations. 1. My primary RAID array consisting of two 1TB hdds, then that data (plus some other data) is stored on a 3TB HDD, it's about 70% full.

Most all of the data is pictures taken with my DSLR.

How do I get Windows to backup to media? I simply don't want to handle filling up each DVD individually. That will take too long. I'd much rather just select a directory (Such as one that's 100GB) tell it to burn to a DVD, then the program/software fill up the DVDs with complete data, once that DVD gets full, ejects the disc and asks for a new one. When I need the data, I want to be able to pull the data, individually off DVDs. I do not want to have to build the data off multiple DVDs onto my computer, then shift through them. In most cases, when I need the data/image I'm just looking for a single file.
I have the ultimate version, If you go to "setup backup" I see the option to back up specific folders to hard drives or dvd drive(s)


Well apparently Windows 7 Pro doesn't allow that, at least it's not allowing me to. I can only select one of my two hard drives. Well technically, I can only select my secondary hard drive, because it wont let me select the primary RAID arrary.

Nevermind, I managed to get it to work now. For some reason, after going through the setup process, but declining it at the end now the primary hard drive isn't shown as a backup source anymore.
Alright, not doing what I want.

First of all, I don't think I like Windows backup. So far I've had a DVD in the DVD drive "burning" since I made that last post and it's still burning. No way can it take over an hour to burn a single DVD.
Right now I am running a trial version of Nero BackItUp and it seems to be doing exactly what I want. Since I made the last post, I've already burned a DVD using the software. I opened it in another computer and was able to view the files as if they were stored on my hard drive. It asked simply asked me to insert another DVD when that one was completed. Exactly what I want.

Now if only I could find free software that did this, otherwise I'm probably gonna just shell out the $30 for it.
I have the same question as you. This link has been helpful. I'm debating just getting Acronis of the best paid apps from what I see. Going to try AOMEI Backupper first.

I wouldn't use Windows Backup. It's known to arbitrarily stop letting you create backups.
Thanks, but it looks like it's only free for 30 days.