Backup/restore/wipe Suite


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Nov 10, 2009
I think this is the best place for this:

Im looking to make images of my OS after a freash install, to make next time easier, and easy restore of the system....not looking to backup files, looking for a full image backup with an easy to use setup...

Need it to work on SSDs , mainly interested in backing up/imaging a windows installation.

Also, need something to securely erase an SSD, typically i go to DBAN for this, but some googling said that it doesn't work at all/well for SSDs?

Any suggestions, cheaper the better, but if a price gets me something more im interested..

If i can make images of my linux machines as well, that would be a plus, im just trying to get a base for if I ever have to restore a box to make it easier with most used programs / what not already to go

Looked at Arconis products, is this the best option?

Looked at , and tried clonezilla a while back, it wasnt that intuitive to me at the time atleast, is it worth giving another go?

From what I've read in this forum, Acronis True Image went into full bloat mode in a bad way in versions 2012 and 2013.

Clonezilla is the way to go if you want free.

If you want to pay, give Terabyte Image For Windows a look. It properly handles SSD alignment in its images, and each copy also comes with Image for Linux and Image for DOS. You can buy it for 3 computers for $33 here. I've been using it and like it.
Ill give it a go, i hadnt heard of them before, only knew of Acronis .... bloat is a no-go for me, not a fan of it

Just get a Parted Magic Distro. Has Disk Checking, cloning, and wiping right from a bootable CD.