Background audio in PowerPoint doesn't play entire duration??


Limp Gawd
Jun 16, 2003
Hi all,

I inserted a file into a Power Point file and have it set to play across all slides.
In Presentation Mode the audio file runs for the entire duration appropriately (good!)
However, when I Save As to Windows Media Video the audio gets cut-off at exactly 57 seconds.

In Windows Explorer when I right-click the file and go to Properties > Details, the duration = 00:01:07 (which is correct). I have played this same MP3 in Windows Media Player and it plays the entire 67 seconds perfectly.

Upon further investigation in Power Point, I select the audio file on Slide 1, open the Animation Pane, click the drop-down and go to Timing, and then select the Audio Settings tab -- here the Total Playing Time = "00:57". (WRONG)

Also, when the audio file is selected on Slide 1, I can go to Playback in the top ribbon and then open the "Trim Audio" button and see that the full duration listed is 00:56:994. (WRONG).

I am flabbergasted.

Anyone run into this before and have a fix??
I'm using MSFT Office 2010.
I found this page which talks about Increasing the size of the embedded sound in MSFT PowerPoint 2007, but then I found this page which says that increasing embedded sound size is deprecated, as 2010 supports larger files.
Maximum sound file size

The audio/video link and embed feature has replaced the maximum sound file size embed feature. In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, this appears in two locations: 1) as Max Sound File Size (KB) in Sound Tools | Options | Sound Options and 2) Link sounds with file size greater than in PowerPoint Options. This feature was necessary before because you were only able to embed of .wav files less than a certain size, as specified at one of the two places. In PowerPoint 2010, you can embed any file of any size so that these two features are no longer necessary.

The functionality is still there, but only as part of the new audio/video insertion behavior. The feature itself is deprecated.

You will not see Max Sound File Size (KB) in the ribbon and Link sounds with file size greater than in PowerPoint Options. Instead, the audio/video link and embed feature will replace this functionality. You will be able to do the same thing with fewer limitations and also do it directly when a media file is inserted.

In PowerPoint 2010, the user can choose whether to embed any file directly by using the Insert dialog box. Therefore, Max Sound File Size and Link sounds with files size greater than boxes are no longer needed. You can embed any file kind of any size instead of being limited to .wav files less than 50 MB.

So unfortunately, I still do not know the issue causing PPT to think that my audio file duration is only 57 seconds... =(