ATX in Silverstone's ITX RVZ 03 + 3 Slot GPU and Custom AIO *Sponsored*

Feb 17, 2016
full in's and out's can be found here;

Basically my wife upgraded the living room to full Ikea Hemnes furniture and Dynamic case does't fit into the desk , nor to I want it on the floor with 3rd child inbound so.... I have a load of gear and need to down size and was left with these options

  1. Go ITX , but a case to handle triple slot GPU barely exist , there's only Neo G mini and Sligers new range, which due to Brexit - costs a Bomb. I'd also need to Buy an ITX board and then SFX PSU
  2. Find a small enough ATX case that will go the Job- only thing close enough was Cerberus or ThermalTake G3, which doesn't accept triple slot GPUs...
  3. Beg Silverstone for their Raven RVZ03 and SFX PSU and gram eveything i can into it!

Safe to say it was OPTION 3!!!!

here's what my rig looked like before - and yep all the Aorus and Bequiet gear are also sponsored (trend here)


So this was the Pitch to Siverstone and back words with Gigabyte




Straight away from the plans you can see some Cutting was needed !!!

Big hole to allow SFX to be either in stock orientation or 90 degrees rotated

Trimming down Cooler masters Vertical GPU mount to hole the Aorus RTX

Through to messed calculations... had to be trimmed down more!

Mother board fits nicely as it should. One support Bolt had to be cut and 4 new Motherboard stands need to be drilled and screwed into the chassis to further support the mobo

After correcting the GPU mount.. Its tight! I believe the PCIe ribbon has been damaged so will need to replace due to being taken out soo many times etc

TIGHT! - BUT a 280 Grill plate will be mounted at the front with filter and side panel cut to provide airflow and RGB goodness

Should be space for 3x 92mm/25mm fans on the bottom as intake and extra support

Now this is currently how its looking !






Unfortunately Silverstone doesn't have any spare top/bottom panel so will need to 3D print about 22mm to flll the gap

Also Modders Mesh will be used on the two side gaps to offer some ventilation

Spoke with silverstone and in theory, they only need to increase the Chassis by 31mm to do all of this ! they brings the dimensions from 386mm x 364mm x 105mm to 386mm x 395mm x 105mm , which takes it from 14.6 litres to about 17.6 liters !!!!
Also some fancy stuff to allow GPU to either sit in stock position or to have GPU on show !

Now i do need to Cut venting for GPU as well as another 120mm how to mount 230mm XSPC rad !

Will look into getting Plexi Glass panel made . The Idea has been to keep this as STOCK looking to show the potential of the case as well as a nice SLEEPER MOD!

So, have been able to beat likes of Sliger, Thermaltake and Silverstone very simply :) Just a shame with 2 kids and 3rd inbound and lack of tools I cant get this to perfect quality which is a shame

will update this soon with more progress :)