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Apr 10, 2003
Atomic Heart reminds me of the Bioshock games in its quirky environment and content. In this video, the visual effects of its real-time ray tracing feature set are demonstrated by turning NVIDIA RTX features on and off. The narration and demonstration of the stunning ray traced visuals starts at the 4:30 mark in the video below.

Here is the first look trailer & gameplay of Atmoic Heart. Atomic Heart is a new upcoming FPS RPG, developed and to be published by Mundfish in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One & PC. Atomic Heart is an adventure first-person shooter, events of which unfolds in an alternate universe during the high noon of the Soviet Union. The principal character of the game is a special agent P-3, who after an unsuccessful landing on enterprise "3826" is trying to figure out what went wrong.
Visuals are pretty nice, not to sure about the game. I agree with the bioshock effect. As an RTX owner I'm happy to see more ray tracing effects. I spent a few hours last weekend basking in BF V's updates. It was impressive.
I'd like to see something other than "tech" demos of RTX effects. Think of a similar use like how portal utilized physics into the game. RTX would be neat if it was a practical use, not just decorative. Take the Battlefield scenario; using a mirror to spot a sniper around a corner because exposing yourself to be shot meant insta death.

Lighting in the dark is a big use to really mess with the ambience rather than the all or none of current games.
Soft shadows is the difference?

Also the spinning head robot shadow etc were way too soft considering how direct that light was, like the devs never made shadow puppets as kids
Soft shadows is the difference?

Also the spinning head robot shadow etc were way too soft considering how direct that light was, like the devs never made shadow puppets as kids
I was thinking the same thing. They are overemphasizing the ray-tracing effects in these games. I still think it is neat though.
the more i see of this game the more it's evident to me that it will be a disaster, after all this time they still cannot show an interesting gameplay ? they can't put all their eggs in the visual basket, can they ?
Every game that comes out today is a first person shooter. Looks like a tech demo
The game is already stylistic, (and looks very cool just on that alone) so it really doesn't matter that much if they emphasize the effects. If it was meant to be absolutely realistic (BORING) I'm sure they'd scale it all back realistically. Most visually appealing games have their own stylistic flair. If all games were just realistic military sims, or sports games I'd stop playing games. Give me a surreal environment any day of the week. Both this and Witchfire are looking amazing.

Also, yes, it's a shooter. However, not everything is a shooter. In fact, it's been quite a while since I've played a good shooter. There are TONS of other styles of games available right now. More than in recent years in fact.

I'm not sure if I'll have an RTX card or not by the time I get to play this, but I'm very much looking forward to it either way.
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I'd agree with most of what J3RK says and it also reminds me a lot of Bioshock in atmosphere only a much more bizarre and bloody one. The visuals looked pretty cool before they switched to ray tracing but it was an impressive effect. Not sure what kind of frame times we can expect with such effects in game but time will tell. I'm not too eager to jump on the RTX bandwagon yet either, especially with the cost of entry. I'll keep an eye out for this one now tho. Thx Cagey for the post.
Unclear in the description. Available for PS4/XBox-One/PC. Is PC the only RT product? If so why mention the consoles??
Better yet, the game is set both in the Soviet Union, and being developed by a Moscow-based studio. This game will be new and different than the typical Hollywood-evil-empire-style depictions which have been done to death.