AT&T and Dedrone Team up to Protect Against Malicious Drones


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Apr 10, 2003
AT&T and Dedrone have teamed up to combat malicious drones near military bases, venues, cities, and businesses. Dedrone uses IoT sensors and LTE connectivity to detect, classify, mitigate, and localize drone-based threats. Drones are detected by radio frequency, visual, radar, and other sensor data. The data is analyzed to reliably identify the drone and its location. At that point security at the facility is alerted. AT&T will be the only LTE connectivity provider for Dedrone's drone detection solution.

"Physical security and cybersecurity are equally important when safeguarding an entire ecosystem," said Michael Zeto, Vice President and General Manager of Smart Cities, AT&T. "Malicious drones pose an aerial threat for the community, for businesses and for the people that live and work there. With Dedrone, we're helping to protect customers and citizens from this type of risk."
do pray tell what is a "Malicious drone"

i should test with some of these people with 3 options a fixed wing RC model a RC heli and quad and ask which is the "drone" should be fun
There it is again :rolleyes: those zany Americans
Why the hell do you call it malicious drones, when in truth it is quad copters operated by stupid people.
Most of these systems will disclose the operators position also. Not sure why AT&T would need to be involved. This can be done completely offline, at least for hobby drones.