Asus z170-a IO Shield


Feb 4, 2003
I decided to go with this motherboard because it was a bit less expensive than the decked out ROG series which would have been overkill for my needs. I didn't expect as many bells and whistles but I figured Asus quality would be packaged in with it as with anything bearing their logo. The board itself is fine. The spring loaded heat sinks are razor sharp - be careful! There is crapware on the driver CD. Listing Noron Security under the driver section instead of special offers is beyond lame. The I/O shield, however, is what really ticked me off.

After ever so gently easing the MB in and securing it into place, it was time to connect the peripherals. One USB port wouldn't physically take any devices. Upon closer inspection I found a tab from the IO shield that wasn't lined up. Additionally, I found a bubble which was caused from a different area that didn't align properly. After unsuccessfully fiddling with it, I gave up. I removed the shield and left the ports sticking out unprotected. Asus should fix this and send me a padded replacement.

The board thickness (listed in the [H] Review) wasn't a problem for me.

IO Shield.jpg
No IO Shield.jpg
I'd try to get the I/O shield fitted properly first. Sometimes they are a bit fiddly to fit. But you need to make sure it's fitted correctly. You might have to bend it back into shape. Make sure your is 100% OK too.