ASUS TUSL2-M question ?

Actually, the TUSL2-M uses a newer stepping of the Intel 815E chipset, which means that you can use not only Coppermine PIIIs, but you can use Tualatin PIIIs up to about 1.4GHz.

By the way, your link is invalid. Here is the correct link:

Oh, by the way, P4's and 1.7+ Celerons will not fit the TUSL2-M - they require Socket 478 (the TUSL2-M uses Socket 370).
aces170 said:
thx for the help
You're welcome.

I have known all along that the "TU" in "TUSL2-M" means that the motherboard is Tualatin-ready (and Tualatin-compatible). The older CUSL2-M supports only Coppermine CPUs.