ASUS Strix 3090 damage

Aug 17, 2021
My friend fat fingered his screwdriver and knocked off a few SMDs on his BRAND NEW Strix 3090 :(

I tried my best to measure what is missing

SOT dim - SOT323?
Width (A) - 1.98mm
Height (B) - 1.0mm
G - 1.3mm
L - 0.65mm

SOT near it - SOT323?
Width (A) - 1.901mm
Height (B) - 0.982mm
G - 1.322mm
L - 0.6mm

Black resistors? 0402 I Think, maybe 10nF
Width - 1.0mm
Height - 0.47mm

I am ok at soldering and would like to help repair it by soldering on similar components. However my knowledge is a little low in the area of SOTs and 0402 resistors?

Does anyone know what SMDs I should purchase to solder back on?


jaW6O9Sm_o - Copy.jpg