ASUS ROG Maxiums Z790 Hero unlabeled headers on the motherboard?


Jul 21, 2007
Just picked up a new ASUS z790 Hero board to build a replacement for my aging and now failing 7 year old setup - 7 years of nearly a 1GHz steady proc overclock has my old rig starting to do some odd things and its time for a new build :)

So far, I love the layout of the new board, but I am finding some undocumented or at least unlabeled connectors here and there. There are two motherboard connectors, circled here in red, just above the battery that dont appear anywhere in the manual or review sites (they look like USB 2 headers, but they are smaller in size then the standard USB 2 header below it in the black plastic square). I know they arent the front panel connectors since that one is further to the bottom right corner, not here in the picture.


There is also another 3 pin connector labeled OSC_Sense further to the left that isn't anywhere in the manual or pictures, but coming from previous ASUS boards, I know this has to do with one of their optional voltage monitoring things that isnt part of the Hero kit.

Anyone recognize these two headers?
They are likely headers for QCing the board at the factory. It may be for testing the board, or programing the bios on the board.
And here I was hoping for an extra set of undocumented USB headers or something useful :)