Asus ROG G750 vbios and gfx conflict.


Limp Gawd
Jan 23, 2016
So the long story short is i have an Asus rog g750jw with a geforce gtx765m discrete gfx.

As g750 series have alot of options specifically the gpu. Each of them represent different set of features.
G750jw has geforce gtx765m without thunderbolt where as G750jm has gtx860m with thunderbolt.

when the gtx765m was not installing its drivers i tried to update the laptop’s bios upon that i found its not the right model. Cpuz details showed it was a G750jm
Ok then lets update g750jm bios then. DONE hurray lets install geforce drivers now “no luck”
But wait i have thunderbolt now ?
Ok then lets try to install gtx860m then. “No luck”
Under gpuz i figured its a gtx765m. Then why its freaking not installing.
So I disassembled the laptop cleaned the hardware double checked its a gtx765m applied mx40 and tried the drivers again.

Upon searching the internet i found that the rog series actually includes the vbios with their system bios. So may be g750jm has gtx860m vbios causing the gtx765m not to install drivers (geforce setup not detecting gpu) even when i force the drivers it still reverts back to standard display adapter.

So what should be the solution here ? Upgrade the gpu or mod the bios with vbios of gtx765m ?
If modding the bios is an option how to do it the right way ?

P.S yes this laptop was purchase used. It seems that the previous owner replaced its motherboard with the other model that may be the sole cause of the gfx not to function at all.