ASUS P8Z68-V LE Sound Problem


Limp Gawd
Mar 9, 2000
I've had this setup for a while now and only recently I've noticed odd problems with the sound output. What seems like randomly, the sound will fade, then get loud, then fade, maybe stabilize for a bit, then continue. Doesn't matter if I'm playing games or just looking at the Windows desktop. If I turn the sound way up, I can hear some crackle static, and maybe that's ok, just never noticed it (not that I've ever turned the speakers way up).

Anyone ever have this happen or have an idea on how to fix it? It's most annoying in games with the sound cutting out and me having to turn up the speakers, only to be blasted when the sound cuts back to full.
Check for driver updates and check cables (poor connection perhaps) etc.
Yeah I redid all the connections thinking the same thing, because that is kind of how it sounds, but jiggly all the cables didn't fix or make worse the problem. There aren't any driver updates, but I'll try just reinstalling and seeing if that fixes it.
I have no idea on the changing sound volume, but the crackle is probably cause by the horrible onboard sound chip.
Interesting, the crackle only seems to happen when I'm doing cpu/gpu folding with everything loaded. The volume may be doing the same thing, but I haven't noticed it except in games (though I can imagine Arkham City loads both the cpu and gpu pretty well).