ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 ROG Motherboard Giveaway! Week 2

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ASUS and [H]ard|OCP are back with another question and another giveaway and the stakes are even higher. This week you'll have the chance to enter to win either a Maximus VI Extreme or Maximus VI Hero motherboard. Reply to this thread (ONCE!) with your answer to the below question before June 24, 2013 at 12:00PM PDT.

Question: We’ve made some significant upgrades to UEFI across the board [pun intended]. Which new feature is most exciting to you?”

Haven't seen the new UEFI yet? Check it out HERE!


1st place: 1ea. ASUS Maximus VI Extreme motherboard
2nd place: 1ea. ASUS Maximus VI Hero motherboard

In true ROG fashion, the Maximus VI EXTREME can only be described with superlatives: the best overclocking thanks to Extreme Engine DIGI+ III, the most control and flexibility with the all-new OC Panel, the fastest Wi-Fi with onboard dual-band 802.11ac and of course, the most expandability with 4-Way GPU capability.

The ROG Maximus VI Hero combines the gaming features and overclocking performance you've come to expect from ROG at a price point that will pleasantly surprise you. SupremeFX Audio, Intel I217 Gb LAN with GameFirst II and support for dual graphics cards join forces to give you the best gaming experience.

Winners will be selected by Kyle and the ASUS Council of Elders.

HardOCP and ASUS representatives will be picking the winners based on your answers. US and Canada entries only.
Ease of viewing system info. actual clock speed, RAM and RAM speed are right in your face. On a lot of BIOS its a bit of search to find out what speeds your components are actually running at, and I like that they put that stuff in a simplified format on the main page, with things like storage devices just a click away
Some nice additions there. The ones I like the best and feel I would use the most are the Favorites and the Quick Notes. Very handy to cut down on the amount of clicking it takes on my current board to change all the relevant OC settings. Very good job Asus.

Good luck everyone.
I love the EUFI bios ability to select any boot device from the main bios page to boot from by just clicking on it and selecting boot. Helps so much with firmware updates and alternative OS boot selections.
Being able to see multiple critical items - ie temps,voltage - while changing other settings is so much more convenient.
I really like the ability to store favorite profile settings and make notes! I have a great CPU waiting on a motherboard for some OC lovin' right now!
I like the ability to alter between fan profiles and the part where it will display all the changes you made in the system in case you need to convert back
I like ease with which it looks to do just about anything within the bios. Come a long way since jumpers and dipswitches.
The ASUS UEFI is easier to use the MSI's and is generations better than the Intel's. Unlike with Intel's boards the BIOS on the ASUS ROG line will actually update.
Hands down it would be the SSD Secure Erase feature.

Even if you're not selling the SSD it is great to know you can perform this function directly from the UEFI interface.
Asus UEFI hasn't failed me yet on my 3rd asus motherboard so I am all for it and welcome a newer experience with his board.

P.S. Please pick me :D
Without a doubt, Secure Erase is the feature I'm most excited about. It will be comforting knowing the private or company data on a SSD will be removed without a trace
For someone that doesn't have a lot of time anymore to tweak everything, all the presets for ram and ability to just click a button and have the cpu running at 4.2/4.6 is neat. Oh, and also the ssd secure erase and ramdisk :).
Built in Secure Erase utility is nice. Could use that on my disk station just to do bulk data destruction.
I actually think the Secure Erase would be the best because starting with a fresh drive is always a good idea. The quick access to that would be great especially when using them on storage drives.
The ability to make quick changes in EZ Mode is really nice but I think my favorite is the Last Modified followed by the Quick Notes. Really great features!!
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