ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

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ASUS and [H]ard|OCP have teamed up to give you the opportunity to win 1 of 4 new ASUS Haswell Z87 motherboards. Just reply to this thread (ONCE!) before June 17, 2013 at 12:00PM PDT with your answer to the below question for a chance to win a Z87-DELUXE or Z87-PRO motherboard. Next week we'll have another question for you to answer for a chance to win 2 other ASUS Z87 motherboards.

Question: Auto Tuning in ASUS 4-Way Optimization allows your CPU to achieve 95% of its potential in roughly 10 minutes. What would you do with those time savings?

Need to get up to speed on 4-Way Optimization? Learn more about it HERE!

1st place: 1ea. ASUS Z87-Deluxe motherboard
2nd place: 1ea. ASUS Z87-PRO motherboard

The ASUS Z87-DELUXE and Z87-PRO incorporate ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 4 with 4-Way Optimization. 4-Way Optimization delivers robust overclocking, improved power efficiency, calibration & control of case fans and optimized digital power delivery. These boards also feature onboard Wi-Fi (dual-band 802.11ac on the Z87-DELUXE, dual-band 802.11n on the Z87-PRO), which features an upgraded antenna that incorporates a simplified design and utilizes SMA-compliant connectors

Winners will be selected by Kyle and the ASUS Council of Elders. HardOCP and ASUS representatives will be picking the winners based on your answers. US and Canada entries only."
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I would use the extra time given to me by the 4 Way Auto Tuning to write even more love letters to my girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Thank you.
I would use the extra 10 minutes to post my remaining AMD systems on ebay.
It would give me another 10 min worth of time to work on getting my Asus board that I purchased last week up and working properly. I hate bios / board problems on brand new electronics.
I would use the extra time to play more games, and do more work. Well not really do more work, it would eat into playing game time :).
Performing a regular overclock usually takes me days of stress testing and fine-tuning.
By using the Asus auto-tuning function to overclock and find optimal settings in 10 minutes, I could use the extra 3 days to take my wife & kids on a camping trip.

I will post pictures of the camping trip if I win!
Take screenshots for bragging rights of course!

Take that my 8yr old son! In your face...let's see you OC as fast as that! ;)
I would use that time to play more games, surf the internet more, and find out ways of getting even more performance out of my rig.
I'd put it to good use: less time tweaking means more time WCG crunching :D
I'd use the time to keep an eye on my SSD array speeds as the mobo optimizes itself...and maybe crack open a cold one too. :D
That would free up time for me to download more hot midget porn!
I would actually try to hit the 96th percent! Instead of stopping at 95% cause I ran out of time :)
I would start folding for a cure, representing the [H] & Asus. The time savings would calculate into more chances to find a cure.
I would sit back and admire the beauty of the system build based on an Asus Haswell motherboard; liquid cooled, of course. :D
I would take a sip of Cherry Coke and admire my new Asus Z87 motherboard with a smile on my face.
I'd use the ten minutes to come up with a better response for next week's question.
Oooh, the contest ends on my birthday (hint hint :p)

Since I would only be spending 10 mins on clocking I would spend the gained time tearing down my current system, taking pictures, and making a fancy f/s thread here on [H]

Good luck everyone
Psh that's easy, I'd use the time to try and take over the world! :p Well at least the world in Civ V or such.
Use time saved to get back to gaming all the quicker! Man I'm wanting to try ASUS on Haswell too!
Less time to tweak, more time to fold for the [H]orde...

Cancer doesn't wait for my BIOS...
I would use the time to rip this POS z87 board I have in my system now out. My last three MB's have been Asus, this time I didn't go with Asus. That was a big mistake. Now not only have I wasted time trying to get this MB to OC as good as an Asus MB, but I've also wasted money!! Lesson learned, always go Asus!!
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