Asus Crosshair VI Is Backwards Compatible With AM3+ Coolers

I swear that I read that EK WB is coming out with a full cover block for this board, but this is the best I can find now.

Hey cagey, gotta say that I do miss Steve. However sir, you are an awesome news guy. Keep up the good work!
leave it to Asus and the rog series to keep compatibility.

like the first x79 ROG boards that could be used with x58 coolers after removing the front plate.
Wish I knew this sooner as I ordered a EK block to replace my old Koolance block I used on my 8350 and I preordered the Crosshair VI. Oh well I am sure the EK block is likely better then my old Koolance one.
Found this review / preview on Youtube. Not familiar with the channel though.

Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero Motherboard