Asus AI Audio?


Jan 31, 2003
I bought an oem Asus P4C800-E Deluxe. I love the board, but I can't get multi-channel sound. Since I didn;t get the CD, I don't have the AI Audio configuration proggie. Is there anywhere I can DL it (Cant find it on Asus' website)


Check the website of the manufactuer's chipset. That's an Intel Chipset on the North/South Bridge, correct? Check and see if you can find the audio drivers for the chipset, or go to the people who make the audio codec and see if you can find it there.
Intel doesn't make the Audio Codec on that board though, so the only thing you'll find at Intel's website is the Intel Application Accelerator.

It should be on Asus' website. They don't really list it under AI audio, it'll be under the normal Audio driver downloads for that board. The AI is just the autodetection feature in the drivers. I had aP4P800-D and the cd got scratched. Everything on that CD can be found on Asus' website.

that's a link to the audio driver. Deluxe

that's a link to ALL the latest drivers (chipset, audio, LAN, etc)
I thought that the AI was a separate program.

I downloaded the driver before. The installer doesn;t work for me when I double click it it does nothing. I had to manually add the drivers, but by doing so I got no AI. Any suggestions?