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Apr 10, 2003
Doctors in China have started using artificial intelligence (A.I.) as a tool to recognize brain activity in coma patients. Patients that score low on the coma recovery scale, are eligible for disconnection from life support, if the family chooses to do so. In a new study, patients in this vegetative state were given a chance to have their brain activity scanned by an A.I.; and some were given much higher ratings on the coma recovery scale. All of the patients that received significantly higher scores on the scale from the A.I. recovered within a year. Also one patient that received a low score from doctors and the A.I. fully recovered from bilateral brainstem damage.

"We have successfully predicted a number of patients who regained consciousness after being initially determined to have no hope of recovery," the researchers said in a statement. "The possible prediction of the recovery of patient consciousness will directly affect the choice of clinical treatment strategies, and even the choice of life or death by the patient's relatives," the team added. The AI system, developed after eight years of research by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and PLA General Hospital in Beijing, has achieved nearly 90 per cent accuracy on prognostic assessments, according to the researchers.

Better get that malpractice insurance up to date
considering how chinese hospitals treat patients ( notably patients without a fat wallet), i would say diagnostics was 'managed' in the first place

and despite being a socialist communist state officially, if you're poor or lower-middle, you're pretty much screwed there. ( it's certainly not Cuba. It's more like a capitalistic hell-hole )

and of course approved chinese press loves to trump up to high heavens whatever advances China made....
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Is this like the medical advice AI was giving out?

The medical advice that would have killed people?

I half expect to see a sticker on their machine "run by google adsense (beta)"
90% accurate prediction over a 1 year intensive care is nothing short of F impossible.

to begin with, most people do not survive 1 year on a ventilator being fed from a tube in a deep coma. emboli and infection kill a lot over such a long ICU stay.

and that 1 year will cost more than what 99,999% of humans earn in a lifetime.

in my country such a long stay at ICU would cost dozens of lifes, because such a patient would take a spot in the ICU that could be used by people with much better survival rates, that would have nowhere to be treated.

my country tried the "everybody is a presumed donor" law. turned out worst than no law at all.

now it works like this: doctors legally state if you are dead or not. your family decides if there will be a donation. your personal opinion on both decisions is not legal binding.

i believe the best solution is : family decides if you are a donor when you are born and this decision can be changed by you when you reach 18y old.
if you are not a donor, you can NOT be the recipient of any organ donation.
so we can remove the "not a good citizen" from the organ waiting list. :cool:
who wants to bet this "ai" will end life support on the poor, versus keeping the wealthy alive?
pretty sure it'll be a human making the real decisions behind closed curtains.
im wondering if this same scan would show any activity on some of my fellow humans