Argb controller options


Feb 26, 2013
Hi peeps I’m currently building a large pc desk that houses 2 computers inside.
I’m using a wemos mini at the moment to programme and control a 4 meter led strip that runs up and around the desk however I’d like a simple to use controller and software and possibly a remote controlled board to change lighting effects that will be placed inside the desk.
Currently that will consist of
4 led strips inside the reservoirs,
2 led strips that will be placed below the motherboard tray (frosted Perspex)
1 700mm strip that will be placed below the ssd drives
And lastly mabe the odd strip here or there inside a radiator or similar ect
What if Like is to be able to control each thing separately, the 4 reservoirs I’m pretty happy to go on the same Chanel but the rest of like to be able to change patterns and colours separately on the fly.
Both computers that are housed do not have rgb headers on them so that’s to be taken into consideration.
I have a separate 5v transformer that will power the strips so power isn’t an issue.
All leds will be 5v addressable.

I haven’t really been keeping up with all the new modern rgb stuff so I’m not to sure what’s out, I’ve seen the NZXT hue2 and the rig aura box thing and thermaltake.
I did consider buying the barrow controller as it comes with the remote however I believe it only has 1 channel.

I’m happy to use any other non branded pc controller so long as it has very simple software or even remote/app features.
I was using the wemos d1 mini however to keep having to manually type in features and settings ect is long winded and time consuming and more of a chore.

Any hints or tips or suggestions would be appreciated