Areca replacing fan: what to do with thermal grease?


Mar 11, 2019
I own a couple of 1882 Areca cards. Most of them are working fine. I would like to replace the fans of all of them, starting with a 1882-8i.

I have removed the fan and the squared metal. I have bought a Noctua 40mm (10mm height). This one doesn't really fit on to the squared metal, but okee i can sort of solve that i think. That is because the original is i think custom made, normal 40x10 fans will not fit. But there are no good quality low noise (but with good performance) 40mm with less then 10mm height. Or are there ?

My question is about the thermal grease. When i removed the squared metal i noticed there wasn't any thermal grease. Areca used a thermal patch. But since that one is also a couple of years old by now, i would also like to replace that.

I normally use Thermal grizzly for cpu's. Which is the best out there for as for as i know.

Should i use this grizzly grease on the LSI chip of buy a new thermal patch? Of third option just put the old one back?

I am planning on doing all my Areca cards. Too bad such expensive cards use crappy fans.
If the thermal pads arent ridiculously thick id say your gtg with some grizzly. Just do a quick mount and see how the spread looks. If it isnt pushed out on the sides like a cpu would look you may have to reuse the pads.
Will the "naked" LSI chip be able to handle the pressure without thermal pad? The pad is 0,1 / 0,2mm. I am wondering if using paste will break the chip due to not having a soft connection with the black metal cooler. Paste will simply be pushed a side with too much pressure where the thermal pad will stay in it's place..... right?

I am not able to adjust the amount of pressure coming from the white springs used by Areca.

By "naked" i mean the LSI chip doesn't have a heatspreader like cpu's.

IF i decide to use a thermal pad, isn't it beter to buy a new when instead of using the old one? Or don't they wear out?

Something like this:
Unless you are an absolute gorilla, you won't damage the chip. Just go slow, and apply it with even pressure. Paste is fine.