Areca 1882 not updating BIOS?


Mar 11, 2019
It's maybe a bit of a silly question, but....

I have upgrade the firmware on my Areca 1882 card to 1.56. Files located here:

Now as people who use Areca cards know, that gives you 4 files. I have selected them all in the menu Upgrade Firmware @ IP Address:82.

Firmware is showing 1.56 after reboot. But when i go into the dos menu (by pressing TAB) the upperleft corner is still showing BIOS 1.24. Shouldn't this also so 1.56 now? I am not sure what it was saying before the upgrade. Should i try to flash the one file named BIOS through the DOS method?

Example (from internet):

Here the BIOS says 1.22f, so again it is not my Areca card.