Are computers becoming more and more boring to you?

I typically take long hiatuses in between periods of my life where I am in front of a PC with any regularity, so when I am in front of one I'm usually thrilled to be. That said, I think some of the novelty of video gaming has eroded over time, and modern games don't seem to be made with as much imagination and heart as they used to be -- still much fun to be had though ;). I think the 90s and early 2ks easily had the most impactful releases. The PS1 era and the years shortly following it were magical.
I don't think computers in general have become more boring, but I do tend to just want to have stuff work these days rather than dick around with it for hours at a time. I have too much else going on in my life to devote too much time messing around with shit that isn't working, I just want to play games when I get the chance.
I've lost that loving feeling for PC gaming but I think I know what would bring it back: Advanced home VR w/a lightweight wireless headset + full suit w/pressure points and a treadmill device that would allow me to play BR games, racers, sports games etc with full immersion. I think that is the next revolutionary step for PC gaming but we're nowhere near there yet. I've seen the VR treadmills we have right now and they fall way short and so do the current VR headsets (tried Index the other day).
No more 15+ hours/day gaming for me! I don't have family, but I shifted priorities.
I still do game, and I'm a tech nerd, I love gadgets and stuff, but I picked a couple of other hobbies that are more interesting.
Board gaming where I actaully get to physically touch the game and motorsport photography which is slowly becoming a second job (but a fun one!)
I still enjoy video gaming and can spend 5h straight playing, but it's extremely rare now, I'm extremely picky, and I only play good looking games that are good games. No pixel crap even if it's fantastic, and no crappy AAA games. Only those rare gems that have it all. And also, VR games like Elite Dangerous and tennis.
I seem to get bored with games now, but I do keep playing Overwatch. I think I've got a dozen AAA titles I bought over the past few years and have only played a few for a few hours each.
Nobody should have just a single hobby. Computers were mine for 20+ years until I picked up firearms. Now I couldn't enjoy it more.
Path of Exile sucks me in every league for about four weeks, then I switch it up. Hunting season right now, so I've been spending a lot of time in the woods. I can't do the 50h+ a week of gaming anymore.
Still posting on [H] though ; )

I'm 34. My interest in gaming has been drasticly waning since some time after Dark Souls 2 released.

2 things have brought me back a little bit, in the past couple of years:

1. Fighting games were getting pretty big. The current state of the internet (forums and their derivatives, youtube, twitch, etc), has allowed average joe to easily follow and watch the pro circuits (which are pretty well supported now. And there have been some amazing stories coming out of it in terms of successes, but also embracing the multi-national/multi-racial communities). able to find local communities to play with. and fighting games are better than ever. We've kind always had good variety in fighting games. But any given choice is pretty dang good, if not great, now.

2. Right now, the appeal and potential of next gen. This past gen of PS4/Xbone didn't really get me. I feel like next gen is such a jump, we will see some really excellent stuff. Which truly eclipses this past gen. I don't think much of anything this past gen, truly eclipsed the PS3/360 era.

However, I still battle with the fact that I really don't want to sit around all the time. It can be really easy to get stuck in a rut of sitting at work, sitting at home. computer, phone, tv. I just spent the summer hiking and camping Oregon and Washington, almost every weekend. I dunno what my point is anymore but I think a lot of people have been slowly understanding tech burnout, for a couple of years.

Still posting. Building another rig now. Its amazing I've been posting here for almost 15 years. I remember having no money and doing budget builds. Now, I have the desire again, and I can spend $3000 if I want.

I'm 34 too. What a ride lol
Nobody should have just a single hobby. Computers were mine for 20+ years until I picked up firearms. Now I couldn't enjoy it more.

Video games drive my firearms purchases. I'm working on all the CS guns :D
I like to mess with hardware a lot (being an EE) but with Covid there is little demand for it which leaves what I can buy for myself (R5 3600 build) and gaming (on a 6700K/1080ti).
But it can take me quite some time to realise which games I want to play, there are so many I dont notice a lot of them.
Project cars 3 is a blessing and Wasteland 3 too, I caught them earlyish.
But only found recently how good Assassins Creed Odyssey is, it took me well past my bedtime last night, a real time sink to get lost in!
At 50 years old I built a new PC yesterday, and I am not sure it was a good investment. I play OW and WoW, but Cyberpunk 2077 looked interesting. The first game I have had interest in for quite a few years, thus the new PC was born.

I just realized that I don't really like gaming. I remember when first person shooters weren't level based, when it felt like you could play without having to buy new mappacks or battle passes every few weeks. CoD2 was so much fun to me, AvP2 as well before that. Madden used to be amazing to me, but there is a new one every damn year and I just don't see the point in buying a new version of the same game.
Yup, I pretty much stopped PC gaming/messing with hardware from 2013ish to 2018ish. Was a nice break. Happy I'm back now and I enjoy it as much as ever. It seems to have exploded and there's way more niche and cool shit than there was years ago (I started around 2003).

Take a break, get into something else (cars, hiking, lifting, martial arts etc etc).
Yup, I pretty much stopped PC gaming/messing with hardware from 2013ish to 2018ish. Was a nice break. Happy I'm back now and I enjoy it as much as ever. It seems to have exploded and there's way more niche and cool shit than there was years ago (I started around 2003).

Take a break, get into something else (cars, hiking, lifting, martial arts etc etc).

Good advice. I realized that it's OK to have more than one hobby. It's also OK if you stop something for a while and come back.
I will say I have setup a HTPC and Flight SIM 2020 with a hotas has been a calming experience and using a 75inch 4K TV
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Thread title says computers.. but every post is about gaming ?

Maybe it has something to do with being posted in the PC Gaming and Hardware section?

Anyways, I love building PC's, but find myself playing through older games that I really enjoyed again. Everything seems to be open world now which is cool, but there's too many. I need only a couple of those and the rest need to tell me what I need to do next or I'll just be like a dog and go "SQUIRREL!" and never finish the damn game. :D
My problem with games these days is all the crutches for the softer generation which is what, to me, makes them all feel the same.

Online Quake, Unreal Tournament, etc. There was no matchmaking. We all played against superior gamers and we sucked it up. We didn't go whining to the devs that the bots were too hard or that other players were too difficult. We carried on. I feel many of the games today play to cater to the masses that will whine to the devs. Lets take the game Control for example. It doesn't even have a difficulty slider. Sure the enemies get harder as the game progresses, but so does your abilities and weapons. Some could argue about playing the game without leveling yourself up, but that kinda kills the fun of using the toys in the game. I was hoping there would be that one insanely difficult level where I would get stuck at it for 3+ hours. Nope.

And then there was this little obscure game called Generation Zero. You fight big bad military robots. You expect military robots to be fast and precise, right? People whined about the difficulty to the devs, the devs softened up the game, and now the game feels like other to the lowest denominator in skill level. And this happens to me too often where I realize a game was numbed down either from the beginning or later in order to cater to the easier players that won't give the game a bad review.
So many good points in here, specially the SQUIRREL! comment Dragon69, lmao. I loved AC:O, was off with injury enjoying deep play through. Almost 70 hours I think. Got to Medusa's area, SQUIRREL! back to work and forgot all about finishing it lol. Did our attention spans just get shorter? (45 here)
With us all working toward retirement, priorities change too once you get to forty. Mine is to get the house done for my disability retirement, i.e new water heater/boiler, blown in insulation, all 30+ year old plumbing changed. Plus how many of us want to travel now that we are older and established instead of just gaming most of our spare time? For me it wasn't that gaming got old or more of the same, it's more of "what haven't I seen that needs to be seen." Do I buy a $1500 graphics card or a 4 day trip out west to ride through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado river? Never seen Rushmore. I want to see Texas and visit Riverwalk in San Antonio, or the Alamo. Hell, visit family I have had living there for the last 20 years.

I think we are at the age of go do stuff and live life, visit and see things we haven't before. Doing a hobby with a son/daughter/grandkid i.e. mod cars, remote control vehicles is more fun at this age. When we get to our late 60's/70ish, we going to be the best old fart gaming league ever though.:D
I get bogged down by the 3-5 year stretches it takes to saturate a panel.
I thought 180hz 1080p was just it man.
1080ti and 7700k/7820x/9700kf pegged that monitor and everything felt super good.

Then I stumble over a deal on a 1440p 165hz panel and I decide I just gotta have more viewable area.
Finally parts are powerful enough that 1440p doesn't feel orders of magnitude slower than 1080p.

So I'm cool here until 1440p panels are 240-360hz and cost $500.
Maybe the jump will be 4k 240hz.
Everyone will have them.
Mid range parts will have to be powerful enough to drive them at some point instead of big $ high thermal edge case components.

Then I'll be all over it.