Apple's Hardware-Centric Focus Keeps It from Growth in Emerging Technologies


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Apple has remained a hardware-centric company but supply chain makers in Taiwan have begun questioning the company's business model. Competitors of Apple are branching off into emerging tech such as IoT, cloud service and AI to shore up their portfolios. This is in stark contrast to Apple which has focused on expensive hardware releases and a closed ecosystem. Taiwan supply chain makers are watching the sales of Apple iPhone products to see if Apple can continue the trend of expanding its market share.

But the fact that Amazon and Google have been making headway in the voice interface market against Siri indicates that Apple's traditional strategy of promoting its hardware devices using its brand premium under a closed ecosystem may not be much of an advantage anymore, commented the sources. The shortcoming of such a policy is more evidence in the sale of Apple TV and HomePad products and has also resulted in a slowdown in shipments of MacBook and iMac prior to their product life cycles, pointed the sources.
I don't see Apple as a company that is worried about "emerging markets". Anyways, Android has that covered pretty well.
Apple's dependency on the blind loyalty of it's customer base keeps it from growth in emerging technologies.
yeah ill believe it when i see it. kinda been an apple hater my whole life, but stating apples growth is in danger in any way is delusional. for most people, their products are the superior hardware, software, and just-work features by FAR. i know because i have to wait in line to get my wifes new iphone every year... HAPPILY because i know i wont get bugged as family tech support as long as everyone in my family is using apple crap. it is what it is.
Well they're not really competitors if they need to go into dead end markets like iot and cloud.
pretty much every $1 company can do IOT and cloud. lol

and AI? now it just exists as a buzzword. Once there is anything concrete, Apple can just use their cash reserves of the billions to buy it.