Apple Releases News About Their Latest Driverless Car Technology


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
In an unusual move for Apple they have decided to speak out about a new technology they are going to use for driverless cars. The new technology uses a special version of LiDAR that integrates a special kind of computer vision and AI to detect 3-D objects. They claim it is better than current technology using LiDAR and a camera and will enable the car to better detect pedestrians and cyclists. As driverless car proliferate their interactions with pedestrians and cyclists will escalate as well and anything that makes them safer for all of us is a good thing.

In the paper from November 17 published in online journal arXiv, Apple researchers Yin Zhou and Oncel Tuzel discussed the advancements they have made in being able to detect 3-D objects.

Can Apples "new" lidar see LARGE WHITE rectangles hovering 3 feet off the ground.
I wonder how much power and space just the LIDR takes? And is it better at distinguishing 3-d objects better than a 5 year old yet?
Driver was fishinging around the car for his lost air brave..

Like nearly brave little toaster level
A lesson in AI controlled cars....this crap is matter how much " testing is done" I like to drive and will continue to do that. People can have their "driverless cars" I will drive mine until i die.....