Apple makes Facebook Pull Its Spyware(ish) VPN From the App Store


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Apr 25, 2001
It appears Apple has changed their App Store rules and no longer allows an app to collect information about other apps installed for purposes of advertising/marketing. This rule change put Facebook's Onavo VPN app on the naughty list and Apple let them save face and pull it voluntarily before they kicked it out of the App Store. Isn't it funny how these tech giants just love to take care of each other? Regardless, nice move by Apple to castrate a typical data collecting Facebook app.

Facebook offered Onavo as a free VPN tool so users could browse the web in supposed anonymity from their ISP and mobile provider. However, as Onavo achieved this by routing all of a user’s digital traffic through Facebook’s servers, it enabled the company to build a massive profile on all Onavo users about their browsing habits even when they were off the Facebook app.
Holy shit
"Hi we're facebook and do we have a free app for you. It'll keep you TOTALLY anonymous.....honestly...why would we lie about something like that"

On another note...I bet Apple is now developing a VPN app for their own harvesting
I rarely can find anything postitive to say about Apple, but they get an "atta boy" on this one.

The real challenge is finding a VPN service which does not collect data as you use it. That said,....I give up on people. Why Facebook is still alive is simply astonishing to me. Stupid is winning. Scares the poop out of me.
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One would have to be a total tool to trust something like this after seeing Facebook and privacy in a same sentence. A rare case where I do commend Apple on doing something good!
Let's see if Google will do the same thing.... hahahahah ya right.
shame more "apps" did not do this, that is, just worry about themselves and not everything else you do on and with your phone ffs.

nothing like an app that gives notifications for no real reason which you cannot turn off, no way to prevent them from wanting to update themselves (even without a data connection) etc....Windows 10 is bad enough for this "generation"


good on Apple, but, I only give them a one handed clap, for all the crud they have done, not exactly a "stellar" thing to plop a feather in their hat about....people still use Facebook, and people still buy Apple things even when they were told "to their face"

"we force updates that screw performance and longetivity so we can upsell new models even when the old one was more than capable enough for running that app but no longer is allowed because we at Apple want to make sure we win and you lose" TM. ^.^
Good job Apple!!! Oh, and as for iOS 12 it's been said that users will see a (up to) 40% improvement in app launch times even on older devices.
I feel like Facebook is half the reason I use a VPN. I wouldn't trust them as my VPN provider, PFFFT! The other reason to use a VPN is Google!

The ultimate anti-security setup:
Use Google Chrome, and Kaspersky Labs Firewall, through your Facebook VPN. Make sure it's all on a Huawei device.