Apple Becomes Most Shorted Stock on Wall Street

Did you just call yourself an asshole?
Cool, we were all thinking it, you saved us a all warning.. :)
Save your politics for your DU profile.

Nope just callin it like I see it, Trump is a terrible human being, its not politics...its ethics man, something we can all relate to. Im surprised you cant see this...hes not a leader. Also its seems youre tryin to make this personal? just curious when we got to that level? Argue the point, no need resort to personal attacks, just makes ya look small.

When you are the supposed leader of the free world. It is your responsibility to maintain order and ensure sustainable growth and moving the country forward on all issues (not just the economy). But trying to bully the rest of the world into giving up their lunch money when you already have more than enough. Just isnt right. All while being a racist, misogynist, cheater, liar and all around bad person.
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Small is bringing your left wing politics into this discussion. Argue the point, not politics. You’d love to bate us all n turn this into an anti-Trump thread, per typical.
I’m calling it like I see it.
Small is bringing your left wing politics into this discussion. Argue the point, not politics. You’d love to bate us all n turn this into an anti-Trump thread, per typical.
I’m calling it like I see it.

No Bait...its called debate. Learn it.

We can disagree, thats all good. You seems to be the one getting upset, therefore going with the attacks. My point (again) is...Trump is a terrible human being for all of the reasons ive listed, plus a few more. Its also not left wing, again I am arguing on the basis of Ethical Standards, something we can all relate to. Core values of being a good person and understanding the responsibility of the position of power you hold and not abusing that. Im not part of your left / right wing, shit flinging fight going on in the US right now. I hope November is the beginning of shift the rest of the world is waiting for.
Well I wouldn't say the ONLY people, I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd rather not pay more for goods.. .on everything imported. We as a country have gone down this road where our manufacturing is almost exclusively done overseas, and it has kept the prices on these goods reduced as a result (seriously buy a tshirt that is 100% made in the US and compare that to one made overseas), now you absolutely can argue that those jobs are more beneficial here... and perhaps you'd be right on some account, but how is it going to feel when those jobs are STILL not over here, and things are more expensive? That's getting double fucked over. Plus to take the EU bit a little further, what if what you want ONLY has an imported version of it? Welp you have to pay a premium because you want that "quality" widget from the US.
Exporting labor isn't the issue, increased effitiency, robotics and automations is what has cost the majority of labor jobs. China doesn't want your manufacturing jobs.
The US's high corporate income tax rates have historically been a reason why companies like Apple have left tens (or hundreds!) of billions of dollars offshore. When the tax reform bill was passed and the corporate tax rate dropped to 21%, a lot of companies, Apple included, announced that they would repatriate hundreds of billions of dollars of profit that had just been sitting elsewhere. Apple alone announced $350 Billion, which comes out to a tax bill in the neighborhood of $75 Billion. That's a lot better (for the US gov't) than the $0 they were getting before.
Unfortunately it goes to pay the interest on the loan taken out by US Govt, it does not go to fund anything in the country at all, it goes to the IRS aka IMF aka World bank aka Rothschilds.
Sorry to burst the cosy bubble of deception.
This is why it's illegal for elected officials to criticise the tax system in my country, because if people knew what it actually was, things would change.
So you have 0 argument, but keep wasting your breath telling someone else they have no argument. Lol, please.

Thanks wizzi, if you just give a read through my responses youll see there were plenty of points made, but all you say is "please" Im glad you have manners (unlike Trump) but its not a point to debate on. But I do believe youre right, im wasting my breath on a couple individuals here that seem content to keep their heads in the sand despite all thats gone on with 45's debacle. All good, to each their own. November...looking forward to it!