Apple A12 Gets a Die Shot


Staff member
Mar 3, 2018
Techinsights just updated their iPhone Xs Max teardown with a die shot of Apple's A12. The chip comes packaged with Micron LPDDR4x SDRAM, and has an area of 83.27 square millimeters, which is slightly smaller than the A11. Proportionally, the chip appears to be similar to the A11, with the big cores, little cores, NPU and GPU all taking up a similar amount of space, but the cache appears to be arranged in 4 slices instead of 2. A more detailed analysis of the die shot, along with an analysis of the iPhone's OLED screen are coming soon, but the teardown is worth checking out as is.

The A12 APL1W81 has now been decapped in our lab. We can confirm the following: the Application Processor die shows the die mark TMJA46. The die size (seal) is 9.89mm x 8.42mm = 83.27 mm2, representing only a 5% die shrink when compared to the A11. Stay tuned, we will publish the high resolution poly die photo and key functional block annotated floorplan die photo soon.