Anyone use VeriFone POS Terminals?


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Jul 9, 2002
I just got a client referred to me, shes on an older version of the software, cant reach the vendor that sold/installed the software years ago.
Shes wanting to change the menu around, Im a bit confused on adding a new item (Hamburger w/Fries) and giving it a PLU on the 'Petroleum C-Store' page (which seems to go AOK), then on the 'Kiosk Config' page, that PLU isnt showing up to set when adding 'Hamburger'

I did go through the help section, but its not much help, and she doesnt have any of the manuals for it, shes just starting out and Im pretty sure she could get help by going to the actual software vendor, who would happily charge to get on a current (or newer) version and have a tech come out to do everything.
Shed be in the same boat down the road if she isnt on a yearly support thingy I think.


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