anyone use bryce?


Dec 31, 2002
I've just started fooling around in bryce... lalala
anyway i had a question:

Does the rendering rely more on the vidcard or the proc?
I believe RAM would really be the key factor to upgrade if you wanted faster rendering times.
yes, RAM++

edit: however, processor plays a role as well, but ram is the main ingredient
Second question:

Is it worth it to render an animationi over the network with only one other computer?

Host has 1gig of ram
Client has 640megs
You can render across a network to other computers to help greatly lower you rendering times. I know 5.0 has this option.
i thought that network rendering only sent certain frames of an animation out over the if you are only rendering one frame(a still) i dont think that a net render would benefit you, unless the machine you send the one particular frame to is much faster than your own

...i guess it leaves your CPU to do other things...but it wont split a single frame's render time i dont think