Anyone try to run a very old GPU with a Rift or Vive? Just tried an HD 5870. lol


Feb 8, 2004
While I'm still waiting for my chance to get a GTX 1080, I received my Vive today and decided to see if it would even give me a slideshow on my Radeon HD 5870 from 2009.

No slideshow, but a dramatic failure that made me chuckle. Error 208. Sees it on USB, but doesn't even acknowledge it on HDMI. Catalyst shows the display as an HTC Vive, but with a max resolution of 720x480/60. Windows sees it as a Generic PnP Monitor, but swears it's only capable of 1920x1080 like an HD set and won't even connect to it at that for grins.

So what I'm wondering is has anyone been able to get their HMD of either type to work with any absolute dinosaur GPUs (okay, maybe not as old as mine, but it's from 2009 anyway)?

I'm actually curious to know how a Vive shows up in Device Manager when properly recognized. There might be a way to force it and get the full 1998 Unreal on a Voodoo Rush experience (okay, more like Unreal on an integrated SiS graphics chipset).
Apparently it didn't choke as badly as I thought. I got to thinking I could run the Vive off of the sole DisplayPort connector on my cars and have my main panel connected via HDMI.

After a restart, my U3415W connected at full res, but 30Hz. I put the Vive into extended display mode and it recognized at 2160x1200 pixels and lit up. Still shows as a Generic PnP Monitor in Device Manager.

I set up my controllers and base stations ran the Tutorial. I can only imagine what it will be like with a proper GPU.

So far so good. If I go back to my 3008WFP for a while, I can use DL-DVI and have a proper 60Hz refresh rate again.
Not as old but I use my Vive with my over 4 year old GTX 680 and the dozen or so games I have so far all run perfect.
Those cards were definitely ahead of their time

I feel like the only real limit I ran into was RAM. I couldn't run GTA-V any higher than 720p due to the 1GB limit.

Using GPU rendering in Vegas Pro 13 is ten times as fast as CPU and I'm currently running a Core i7-940 that was overclocked to 3.8GHz vs the stock 2.9GHz. Granted, my system RAM (triple-channel) was also running at 1664MHz over the stock 1066MHz.

I can't wait to see what the GTX 1080 will do. I don't know whether Vegas rendering uses single or dual precision math.
Not as old but I use my Vive with my over 4 year old GTX 680 and the dozen or so games I have so far all run perfect.

Your card is a little faster with double the RAM. Lends evidence to my hypothesis that RAM was a huge bottleneck for my card. Plus, your card has like 20% more RAM bandwidth over mine.

I see why it works as well as it does.