Anyone preorder those ossic x headphones for use in vr?


Aug 23, 2007
They had a pretty successful kickstarter months ago, raised..

2.7 million

Here is an in depth interview with the ceo and one of the devs, they are apparently refugees from logitech

(incidentally, maximum pc apparently merged with pc gamer, the original site is no more)

It sounds super interesting. instead of 5.1 or 7.1 audio, they can far better reproduce the points of audio wherever they occur. The guy mentioned wanting to be able to give the audio experience of a million dollar theater atmos sound system in a theater with those headphones.

Game engines are a natural fit, they already have audio models that have point sources of audio built into specific locations in the game world, and these sorts of headphones would allow much more precise detection of where the source is coming from, beyond just left and right.