Anyone know how to set which monitor Steams Big Picture mode opens in?


Sep 15, 2011
I looked in the steam settings and don't see an option to set which monitor big picture mode opens to. The problem is that when I launch it it opens on my small laptop monitor even if I have steam open on my larger desktop monitor. So there's no way to play a big picture game on my larger desktop monitor. I did a full OS reinstall today and reinstalled steam so all settings are at the default. I did not have this problem before but don't remember ever setting it.

Actually this happen when not in big picture mode as well, too.

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Does it possibly go by which monitor is set as your "primary"? I'm not sure it has the option to specify which monitor to launch on.

If it has options for resolution / "windowed mode" for big picture, maybe try that, move it to the other monitor, then full screen it again?
Then maybe once it closes out on that monitor, then next time it launches it will remember location? Just a thought

I've had to do similar things with games that don't allow you to choose which monitor to launch on. Eventually I got tired of dealing with it though and just set my preferred gaming monitor to be my "primary" display