Anyone here have experience w/ Lightscribe CD/DVD duplicators?

May 7, 2006
I've got an ACARD ARS-P2053A SATA duplicator controller along with a few Lite-on IHAS424b drives and a harddrive (which I've crossflashed to Plextor PX-L890SAs. electrically the drives are identical, but the plextor firmware apparently has some better write strategies).

For those who aren't familiar with these duplicators: ACARD has software that's supposed to basically install a "logical" lightscribe drive, and it's configured based on the kind of optical drives in your duplicator (the PX890SA as well as a few of the IHAS variants are all listed models). After you design your cover, you "print" it, and the logical drive spits out a .LSI file. In theory, all I should need to do is write that LSI file to a CD, load it onto the harddrive, and start burning.

Problem is, the damn thing won't recognize the LSI file. I've recreated them at least 50 times, I tried multiple computers, multiple software versions, multiple firmwares for my drives, etc... It just keeps spitting out the message "No LSI File" or something like that.

My question is... why? I can't think of anything that I'm doing wrong, but maybe someone else here has experience? I thought it was maybe the quality of the CD I was using, so I tried using one of my nice Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs instead of an old CD-RW that I use for things like this. Still no luck.

In case anyone's wondering, I'm not doing anything illegal. A community center that I belong to wants to distribute some content that they have the rights to, and we thought it'd be nice to have decent looking labels. I need to make about 500 of these CDs, so just using my PC drive isn't really an option.