Anyone else using Calyx Institute for 4G/5G access?


Limp Gawd
Nov 24, 2004
I just got my mifi today and got it setup on the right APN. Are there any tips or tricks I should know about either about mods for the inseego m2000 or best practices for increasing range or performance? I'm considering using this as a full replacement for home and mobile internet considering it's unlimited and doesn't get throttled.

For those not in the know there are some non-profits that offer very cheap unlimited wireless internet. Most are income dependent but two in particular are not; the motor coach owners association and calyx institute. I'm hoping that I can use this from a camp ground for connecting to meetings at work and such without having to worry about hitting a data limit and losing streaming/video conferencing.

[I'm not endorsing or advertising anything, just looking for tips.]