ANYmal Can Deliver Packages Now


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Mar 3, 2018
ANYbotics' ANYmal robotic is a surprisingly flexible contraption. Researcher have already taught it to dance, put it to work inspecting power facilities, and even taught it how to teach itself to walk and run. Now Continental and other companies see ANYmal as a platform for "last yard" delivery. Theoretically, and autonomous vehicle can get a package to your home, while ANYmal can walk out of the vehicle, unload it, and drop it off at your doorstep. Thanks to IEEE Spectrum for spotting the clip.

Check out the video here.

Due to an increase in global e-commerce and urbanization, the need for automated delivery is growing. Continental envisions a holistic delivery concept that increases availability, efficiency, and safety in the parcel delivery value chain. Solving the last-meter/last-yard delivery, a driver-less vehicle, such as Continental's CUbE shuttle, carries multiple mobile robots to deploy packages all the way to the consumer. Making use of ANYmal's high mobility and autonomy, the system can carry packages of up to 10 kg over steps and stairs up to the front door.
Guess it can't read the "This side up" label on the package :D

Besides, my UPS guy would be a lot faster because he has a much better throwing arm.
needs more lcd screens on the sides. Gotta monetize that bot with advertisements of products!
SIX news stories about the same robot? Feels like there may be something behind that, even if there isn't.
That thing is creepy. If I saw that crawling up on to my porch, I'm emptying a magazine. Dump my fragile package and do a little jig creepy thing.......
and I'm sure we all remember what happened with the robots in Descent 3
Continental envisions a holistic delivery concept that increases availability, efficiency, and safety in the parcel delivery value chain.

Continental, did you really fucking write that sentence? Really? 'Holistic delivery concept'? 'Parcel delivery value chain'? I hope you hired a robot to write that press release, because I'd hate to think that a human wrote that drivel as badly as that techno-dog delivered that package.

ANYmal might be an amazing robot, but I'm surprised that the people at ANYbotics chose 'last yard parcel delivery' for their CES demo. I really doubt that anyone watching that saw it as an idea that is ready for market. They'd be better off teaching ANYmal how to haul cement around a construction site. Hell, they'd do better selling the ANYmal as a house robot that will let your dog out while it waits for the UPS guy.

P.S. And maybe some light vacuuming. I could see ANYmal waiting for you to leave for work, then kicking the shit out of your Roomba.

P.P.S. And keeping your cats off the kitchen counters. I'd pony-up the extra money for the automated camera just to have home movies of ANYmal hosing Fluffy off the countertops.
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