Any way to use DLDSR on a Quadro RTX?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
I recently got a great deal on a refurbished workstation laptop that has a Quadro RTX 5000 (mobile version, obviously). This GPU is actually pretty amazing for gaming, being essentially the equivalent of a mobile RTX 2080, except with more shaders and a whopping 16Gb of VRAM.

My experience gaming with it so far has been very good, except for the fact that there is no option for DLDSR. It's an RTX card so there should be no roadblocks on the hardware side, but I'm guessing that they simply did not include this feature in the Quadro drivers for some reason?

I've had such good results with DLDSR using the 2080 in my desktop, I'd love to use it with the laptop also. Like for example, in World of Warcraft, the in-game anti-aliasing options do basically nothing for transparent textures, making the nameplates over character's heads difficult to read in some cases. DLDSR overcomes that, and it's difficult to live without it once you get used to it... Example:

Try Nvidia inspector and see if there's a flag in the fame profile for wow that can be set?