Any turn-based rpg-type games for mobiles?


[H]F Junkie
Oct 11, 2003
I'm just curious if anyone has found a cool turn-based mobile game.

Something like HOMM or Shining force, or FF Tactics, Kings bounty, etc.
define: "mobile" are we talking android or ios?

if it's android you could always load up an emulator and play $game_of_choice if it's a good enough device. (can even manage PS1 games to run FF Tactics)

failing that I think a couple of the final fantasy games have been ported to mobile.
Yeah, it's important to tell us what platform you're using. Android did have an emulator like program to allow you to copy over your HOMM2 files to allow you to play it on your phone or tablet. I know iOS has X-com out for it, so that's one to look for.
yeah, not sure whats out for WP8. There might be an indie turn based RPG on the Windows App store.

on iOS, and I believe android as well, there around around 10 FF games currently (including FF:Tactics). There are also a ton of non-square TBRPG's. It's one of the main reasons why I haven't tried out another platform yet, to be honest.
Have you tried Shakes and Fidget? There's not a whole lot to it, but it is turn based. I find it is a bit of fun when you get into it, but can be addiction. Luckily you can only spend so much time on it in one day. Plus, they're always upgrading so as you level there will be more things to do.
"My name is MT Online" adapted from the popular anime "My name is MT", a variety of games to restore anime classic roles, but WOW has a strong heritage, allowing players to feel the classic strategy card game experience.
Warhammer was awesome if you like turned based strategy RPGs. Worked so well for mobile and iCloud.