Any reason to expect 4xDIMM-DDR5 @ XMP with 14th Gen?


Sep 21, 2003
The 4 DIMMs "OCed" via XMP seems a known issue. I saw a work-around suggesting that allowing each DIMM to handle it's own voltage solves it, but I only have 2x16GB right now. Changing the slot placement, too, is said to have an impact (kit 1 in A1/A2, kit 2 in B1/B2).

But, I'd like to doubled my RAM next year - and keep it at 6400M/T. Anyone have insight on the IMC in the RL refresh improving on this item?

According to this article: "YuuKi_AnS' leaked specifications say the opposite — memory support on Raptor Lake Refresh is left unchanged."

Keep in mind even officially Raptor Lake only supports up to 5600 MT/s memory. Running at 6400 MT/s, even in two sticks is beyond spec and while you may be running your RAM at XMP you are "overclocking". Nothing wrong with that, just be glad your IMC can go that much beyond spec on 2 DIMMs but 4 DIMMs is going to stress it a lot harder.

We'll have to wait and see how the IMC does, just on speculation I don't expect there to be much, if any improvement. Your best bet on running high frequencies, on any dual channel platform, is running two sticks. Obviously nobody really knows until people start using the platform on how the IMC will do. But if it's like I expect and unlikely to improve, why not consider buying a single 2 x 16/24/32/48GB kit? Sell or repurpose your old kit at that point.
Yeah, of course I'm considering moving from my 2x16 to 2x32 later. But it'd obviously be easier/cheaper to just add 2x16. Assuming it doesn't turn out to be a huge pain in the ass to get running. Maybe it's as simple as this:

We'll see how it goes - hopefully some of the other "leaks"/"confirmations" turn out to be true in some way: