Any reason AT&T Fiber would just stop working totally mostly over wireless one day when using BGW 210 gateway in IP Passthrough mode with a RT-AX86U?


Feb 18, 2016
It makes no sense.

I prefer using my Asus RT-AX86U as my main device and the AT&T Gateway as a dummy modem only if possible. I get more control and tweaking! So having the Asus RT-AX86U as just a wireless access point makes me sad. :(

Though at least it works now.

Just curious if anyone else had this problem lately? Guessing no.

It is ok either way.
Did you have any issues if you remove the Asus and just connect direct to the ATT with a cable?

No but it use to work fine with the Asus router.

I double checked the Asus router and it still works fine in AP mode.
Possible code push from ATT? Factory reset the 210 and then renable passthrough mode ... or better still bypass the 210 completely