Any high-contrast 16:10 LCD monitors out there?

Kevin C

Mar 22, 2016
Hello everyone! I need some advice.

I'm looking for a specific kind of monitor. I like a lot of contrast (for movies/pictures) and 16:10 aspect (for documents and web browsing). I highly dislike the IPS glow. Therefore, a VA matrix would be perfect. 16:9 won't do (I'm a programmer and need a lot of lines to fit on a screen). 24" and 30" sizes are OK (94-101 PPI).

Also, I dislike the color inversion, so no TN matrices. In general, it should be a quality monitor, without unpleasant surprises.

Any suggestions?

Here are the requirements:

Aspect ratio:
- 16:10
Brightness & contrast:
- covers the 70-120 cd/m2 range, minimum 1000:1 contrast at 70 cd/m2 (but higher contrast is better)
Size & resolution:
- possibility 1): 24" 1920x1200
- possibility 2): 30" 2560x1600
Screen coating:
- Matte
Gamut & gamma:
- sRGB
- individual RGB channel intensity adjustment, 6500 K / sRGB preset, a button for source switching
- gamma adjustment would be a plus
Response time (average):
< 20 ms
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16:10 is niche aspect ratio now. With sparse offerings you would likely have trouble finding a model fitting your specs. Today, you would likely to find cheaper, and taller 16:9 screen which would have more horizontal lines too.

I'm programmer as well, and am OK with 40" UHD monitor. The 16:9 aspect ratio is wider than actually warranted, and the sides of the monitor are at the angle where nothing can be viewed comfortably. Therefore, I work in the central 4:3 portion of the screen, but the space on the sides is not entirely useless: its background eliminates need for bias lighting.