Sep 19, 2006
anyone else playing this? I feel like the game was designed by a genius to see how far the "rest of us" can make it. After feeling really smart beating some puzzles in the mainstream games this is just making me feel like an idiot. Anyone else?
Yeah, Antichamber makes me feel like a fucking moron.

I keep going back for more mental punishment, though.
Some of the puzzles were tricky but I managed to get them all eventually, including all the secret "dev rooms". Definitely a very fun game, although the "ending" left me more confused than most of the puzzles did :D
Well... if it's a game for geniuses then I'll have to put it on my Steam Wishlist.
Yes this game is awesome.
I'm currently stuck at 'not enough pieces'. This is NOTHING like portal. It's a totally unique, kinda creepy game that has actually managed to freak me out a few times. If you let yourself get really immersed in the game, it can feel kinda claustrophobic.

How can I say it?
This game. It's..... "Emotional". I haven't played anything like it. This game is constantly fucking with you. You almost play it more in your mind, than on screen.
Highly recommended.
I found even after giving in and going to YouTube for some of the solutions, it still took a bit of thought to understand how to get through some puzzles. I'll finish it someday, I guess.
Anyone have an idea on how this will run on an HD4000 @ 2560x1600? :D

I'm only semi-seriously considering getting a skull canyon NUC (and this is the only style of game I play after the simcity fiasco) and wondering how much the onboard will handicap me from a GTX 670 4GB
This is the second best game I've every played (first was Braid).

The game is explicitly designed to mess with your mind - and it succeeds. So many times I found myself asking "was that always there?" and "did I just break the game, or was that how I was supposed to get up here?" I can't recommend this enough. Play it, don't use a walkthrough, and watch your perspective on life change.
Yea. Braid, Machinarium and this are the three games that blew my mind, to an emotional level. I mean jesus, the soundtrack in Machinarium...

If anyone knows more games like this, PLEASE tell me. (Botinacula is pretty amazing audio wise but as far as gameplay, it felt a little slow I thought)
Just went on sale 50% off on Steam (midweek madness), now only $9.99