Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

I've been rocking the Antec 900 for a while now. I've used the PSU's since they started the Earthwatts line. Nothing but quality all these years. I've been eyeing the P280 for my next case.
HUGE Antec fan here. I love their cases and power supplies. I just built my new computer last week with the SOLO II. It is so quiet I can't even hear it running, that is with 3 120MM True Quiet fans and 2 video cards!
I like antec cases... My first build was in an antec case... used that computer for years.
Love their stuff simply because its reliable and cost effective. I've had a number of different power supplies over the years, usually cheap brands, and just about every one of them have failed me, usually catastrophically and always taking something else with them. I started researching Antec units after reading their praise on the [H], and haven't looked back since, nor had to worry about coming home to a smoking machine. Peace of mind is great, they'll take whatever I throw at them.
I've built many systems in Antec cases. They have made some wonderful cases over the years. I still have a lot of nostalgia for my original LanBoy :)
Antec is nice because they usually have solid designs across their entire product range; you can pretty much count on an Antec case or PSU being a quality product.
Antec powered my builds for years and I have always loved the looks of the cases. I have never gotten the chance to use one of the cases, maybe this will be it!
I have a 1200 case that's been great as a media server. Looks good, easy to work on and keeps the hardware inside cool. :D
Antec make a variety of solidly built cases that can be used in multiple applications. I've never owned one of their PSUs, but they have a reputation for quality and reliability.
Years ago I bought an Antec PSU which was basically a heavy piece of crap. I havent bought any of their products in maybe the last 8 years.
Got an Antec case and PSU. They make products that are good values - solid, reliable, and not too expensive.
Four of my five last builds have been Antec cases. . . and the fifth was not Antec only because I won that case at a LAN party. Nice case. . . but not Antec quality. I need Antec Outside again!
Antec has been my goto brand for psu's since my first comp build in 1997..I have never had an Antec psu fail to this day..And now i'm a fan of their cases..Sporting the antec 300 Illusion case with 900 watt HCG..
Have an Antec 300 and the P182 Mirror, still looks brand new! Also got a little 300w Antec PSU and it still is running 5 years later. :eek:
I've always used Antec products myself. From my old P180 and Earthwatts PSU back in the day to their HCP PSU now, I find their products reliable and worth the money.
Antec was the first enthusiast centric case and PSU I ever bought. That was back in 2002 and I was impressed enough with them that I've been a fan since. Oh, and the PSU is still working 10 years later.
I have built several systems with Antec cases, and have always been impressed by the build quality. I have also never seen one of their power supplies fail. Overall great products at great prices.
Love my P180 case. It was innovative at the time, dual PSU that never failed me a Giant (at the time) 200mm side fan. It had plenty of room for hard drives, a sensible layout so that HDs could have a fan blowing air across them. And something I thought was one of it's best features, easy to remove and clean dust filters. The front ones were great I could clean them even when the machine was running. It's still running now as my second PC.
I love Antec PSUs for their quality. I have used countless Antec PSUs in customer builds over the years without ever having a quality related issue. I love Antec cases for their quality and understated design. Neon colors and a bunch of LED lighting are fine for gaming rigs, but most of my customers aren't gamers and Antec cases fit this niche perfectly.
I like the PSUs for quality and reliability and the cases for the looks and build quality.
I already own a Two Hundred case and a TruePower 650 power supply. The case is awesome and the power supply works fine. I would love to upgrade both with these newer cases and more efficient power supplies.
I've always been pleased with both the quality and performance of Antec case's and PSU's. You can't go wrong with either.