Another FAILED Galaxy Rebate

Ive never owned a Galaxy card or any other product they might have. Tell you what, with this excellent level of customer service and "using common sense". Ill for sure be checking this company's products.

Glad I saw this thread
Galaxy just added another customer...this guy! I'll definitely look into Galaxy if I purchase a nVidia card.
I feel you man, I never got any of my rebates from galaxy accepted. Called them countless times too. :(

Glad you got it fixed though!
you should change the title to reflect [resolved] once you get your rebate :cool:

People at first glance might see how many pages this thread gets and think Galaxy rebates are THAT bad, even if the pages are all filled with glowing praise. =)
WHOA some company didn't fuck over their customer... let me get inline to kiss their ass.... NOT!
Thanks to Andrew at Galaxy for fixing up a similar rebate issue, it looks like there was a technicality involving the retailer changing the UPC and it not syncing up with the rebate center. I've never received this kind of support, especially when it comes to rebates.

Seeing as HF showed up on the Google when I was originally searching for Galaxy rebate errors, I finally had a valid excuse to finally make an account after many years of lurking.

Great job Galaxy!
This is good work all the way around.

Gonna have to look at some galaxy products.:D
Good on Galaxy. Wish xfx would have been better for me. I'm still going back and forth with them on BBB.