Anker Cable 6-Pack USB to Micro USB

for anker cables yes, I have had great luck with them... bought a pack of short ones a couple weeks ago to use with my multiport charger and they have been great
12 dollars for 6 cables? is that good?

Its not cheap, but these are supposedly extra shielded and higher grade cable all around, so its cheap for the quality you get.

Another question is Anker's connector quality. I've had MANY Anker products and the only one to ever fail was the cables. To be fair I have kids who seem to hate cables as much as they hate eating green stuff.

I went ahead and purchased these, I can use a few extra around the house and leave them plugged in, plus replace some of the ones my kids already decimated. :D
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Ive only used Anker mouse, their vertical mice and they fail after ....6 to 8 months? Rather than fail, it starts to fail, like not getting detected or the wheel semi breaks... But the other company, wowpen isnt much better. =/
get a Braided one the plastic ones kink like all hell after a while. I have a Shazo
get a Braided one the plastic ones kink like all hell after a while. I have a Shazo
"With kevlar fiber construction and a 10000+ bend lifespan"

^^ In the product description. Ought to be good enough for the price, no one expects to hold on to these cables for 5 years anyway. And a thicker guage cable means the correct amount of amps will flow through for a quicker charge. This is especially important for larger power hungry phones.
Are these 5v 2a capable?
It has the right minimum thickness, 24/28 awg, and as per this review, there is a tiny bit of variance between different 24/28 awg cables.

Cable Amperage comparison: The Best Micro-USB Cable

^^^ It looks like the longer cables don't quite keep up...

I know that "20awg Micro USB" cables exist, i've seen them on ebay and amazon recently, those can supply power over the USB2.0 spec.
If you have Discover and points on your card, you can get these for free probably.
There is a $15 promo going on right now.
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Have both the PowerLine and regular cables in both Micro USB and Lightning and they're great. Never had a problem with them once and even if I did Anker's customer service is very quick and responsive in my experiences with them.
I was looking at these earlier & almost bit because I love my Anker accessories.. However I jsut wanted 10 ft cables & needed like 4 of them so to I passed.

Anker does make very good stuff though