Ang good cheap subwoofers?

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Nov 7, 2005
Looks like we got some kind of power surge last night and my Klipsch Promedia sub bit the dust (along with one of my garage door openers, SIGH). I woke up to what I thought was music from the neighbors, it turned out to be the sub making a recurring booming noise like techno music... with the PC turned off. I had to deal with other issues this morning so I unplugged it and hoped it might magically come back on later. It didn't. The amp still sort of worked, the satellites were getting power but there is zero bass. And the speakers were not pleasant to listen to in this fashion, due to the crossover frequencies happening at the sub. So I gave up on the amp (it's already been repaired once) and went to see if I could just use the satellites with an old Yamaha amp I had collecting dust. Turns out, yeah they sound 10x better through the yamaha than the broken sub amp. I deem this usable for the short term.... I did have to turn the bass up all the way and play with EQ settings, but just for listening to music while I work and youtube videos, it's an ok stopgap solution. I have spent a fortune on home repairs, new fridge, taxes, etc etc this month so I didn't just want to order a new Promedia set ($125 on Amz). I honestly don't game as much on my PC lately, so no emergency.

After I set the Amp up under my desk and playing with EQ settings, I started to wonder if there are any half decent powered subs in the $40-50 range. I see monoprice has one for $69 on Amz, but honestly If I'm spending that much I might as well look into total speaker replacement so I don't have to mess with my amp, which puts off a fair amount of heat and I have to remember to manually turn the thing on or off.

So I'm wondering if anyone has come across a sub $50 not totally crappy 6-8" powered sub out there? I'm not interested in building or trying to rehab the Promedia sub, it looks like the surround foam is shot on those as well.
I started to wonder if there are any half decent powered subs in the $40-50 range.

That's a ridiculously tiny budget to be working with and even in a best-case scenario you're going to end up with something more resembling a toy rather than an actual subwoofer.

If you want to talk about real subwoofers for a moment, check out this JBL 550P which is currently on sale for a very amazing price:

It's only "downside" is that it is a 10" sealed subwoofer, a 10" subwoofer driver being pretty small compared to most subwoofers, and sealed (as opposed to ported) having less overall output. But it would make one heck of a replacement sub in your scenario. Being a sealed sub does have benefits also, such as no port noise, and potentially deeper bass.

If you are fully determined to go with something that sucks, then I guess you could get something like this:

It's within your budget and looks like it would even power your existing satellite speakers for you.

Op, do it properly, save up and get an SVS sub, you wont be sorry.
Great subs, especially for the size.
They can be controlled via a phone app too, including EQ and room boundary compensation.
They can be configured to power on the instant there is a signal, automatically powering down when you dont use it. This could save a fair bit of money if you leave equipment on.
(in the UK, 40W left on permanently costs over £100 per year in electric use with the current power cost)
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