Limp Gawd
Oct 22, 2011
Anyone noticed any delays on Android 10, 11 with default apps notifications or specific apps?

I use camera monitoring app V360 Pro since Android 10. It worked good until I upgraded to Android 11. I no longer receive real-time notifications when camera detects movement. I also have delays with notifications in other non-real-time apps like Gmail. I don't receive new email notification until I bring my smartphone from sleep. Also happened with WhatsApp real-time chat notification with almost a minute delay. Sometimes I would not receive notification at all for chat message. I played with system and app settings for several days to no avail and tried camera monitoring app on tablet with no changes. All this did not happen on Android 10.

Someone told me that Android introduced doze mode which could be the case:
Though the page mentions that it was introduced starting from Android 6.0 so I don't know why on Android 10 I experienced no issues. Maybe doze mode works different on Android 11?