AMD Ryzen 8000 "Granite Ridge" Zen 5 Processor to Max Out at 16 Cores [Rumor]


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Dec 19, 2005
Do we even need more than 16 cores on the HEDT for Gaming?

"Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the PCGH leak would have to be the TDP numbers being mentioned, which continue to show higher-performance SKUs with 170 W TDP, and lower tiers with 65 W TDP. With its CPU core-counts not seeing increases, AMD would bank on not just the generational IPC increase of its "Zen 5" cores, but also max out performance within the power envelope of the new node, by dialing up clock speeds. AMD could ride out 2023 with its Ryzen 7000 "Zen 4" processors on the desktop platform, with "Granite Ridge" slated to enter production only by Q1-2024. The company could update its product stack in the meantime, perhaps even bring the 4 nm "Phoenix" monolithic APU silicon to the Socket AM5 desktop platform. Ryzen 8000 is expected to retain full compatibility with existing Socket AM5, and AMD 600-series chipset motherboards."


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Funny timing on this leak, right after cpus and boards are dying.
It's almost like they are afraid people will go Intel.
Sounds fine for gamers, at least until next gen consoles? Then maybe bump up the core count?
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I have seen no compelling reason to go beyond 16 cores for the desktop at this point. Very few programs can utilize much beyond 8 cores.
16 will be enough until windows or other operating systems start doing their own separation of work to make use of those cores independent of software developers that aren't doing it themselves.
Anyone trying to sell more then 16 cores for a consumer grade PC is just compensating for weak performance. AMD has no need to sell more then 16 cores at the consumer level. I would much rather have 16 cores full cores with 3D cache available to them then 24 cores with a handful cut down, and not enough cache to make any beyond 8 matter in gaming anyway.
What uses do consumers have for more then 16 cores really? If your really doing CPU graphics rendering... if the latest greatest 16core is holding you up and costing you money. Then clearly you should be in the market for a Epyc system.