AMD Ryzen 2700 CPU on Sale at Ebay-Newegg


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May 18, 1997
I just got done building all our graphs for our AMD Ryzen 2700 review, which will be up shortly. Newegg has the Ryzen 7 2700 for sale over on Ebay for $255, which is selling elsewhere for $290.. The 2700X sells for $320. Not to give away our results from our Ryzen 2700 testing, but if you are going to be using high end cooling and overclocking your Ryzen, the 2700 looks to be a very good deal at $255. If you are going to be using mid to low-end or stock cooling, the 2700X is still the way to go and just rely on Precision Boost 2.
Wow, I had written a long post 5 hours ago after seeing this deal, asking about the difference between the 2700 and 2700X, but didn't post it figuring I could just google the info from other sites. I was going to cite Tom's Hardware's review graph which showed the 2700X remain at ~4.2 ghz up to 11 threads, where the 2700 dipped to ~3.5ghz at 2 or more threads, both with what Tom's called 'good cooling'.

Essentially the questions boiled down to:

1) Assuming plenty of cooling and relying solely on PB2, is the TDP of the 2700 going to hamstring performance compared to a 2700X? (Going with YES based on Tom's numbers).

2) How much can the 2700's deficit be corrected for via manual overclocking - and to what degree must one overclock? That is to say, can we simply raise the TDP in the BIOS and let PB2 do the rest, or do we have to set all cores to 4.2ghz and overvolt 24/7, etc.

Generally it seems like the 2700 @ 65W TDP is for ITX/heat control, 2700X is bring the water - but how interchangeable are they? Considering how good PB2 is, modern overclocking seems like it could simply be a big red knob labelled TDP (that goes to 11, obviously).

Looking forward to your review.
Will read the review when up, but essentially to get the 2700 up to 4.2GHZ or so we'll need some higher end cooling? Will be interesting to read, may just be worth springing for the 2700X and save money on the cooler and skip the OCing headache. Was thinking of doing that in the first place (2700X with Prisim or something quieter). I think I'll wait for the review before making my decision though.
If you are starting from scratch and do not have high end cooler for AM4, yes, just get the 2700X, IF you keep your case cool.
I haven't done any overclocking but I've been happy with the 2700x with the stock Wraith Prism. The only issue I had was that I could not get it to remain stable when gaming using a GTX970. It would run fine for a couple of minutes then video would drop. Game would continue with no problems, just couldn't see what was going on.
These look like an awesome processor.

Just don't know if I'm ready to make the jump to AMD yet.

I'd be all over this if it were an Intel offering. I think there is a term for that. Selection bias or something.
Needs differ. Its not all about clocks. Considered from the perspective of a more cash strapped 2600x prospect, the extra cores could tempt at that premium.
AMD's lego architecture for zen, gives them great flexibility about where to direct their chiplets from the fab.

My guess is the 2700 is a slow seller? The $30 extra at list for 2700x is a bargain. Having tested the market, they wish to clear some inventory & redirect more CCX chiplets to other products like 2700x.