This is a rather fun game except it has only 2 Missions available (each having multiple levels) while the other missions in the menu just says coming soon. Game works flawless and does work in SLI but too short at this point.
Just been updated with the third planet, sword and sniper rifle. Should be four levels as well for the new planet. So some fun later today.
Played for around 4 hours - awesome update. Took awhile to get use to the new sword and be able to aim with it.

Asynchronous projection is a god send for the Nano. Playing this title on the I7/Nano rig on Ultra settings for graphics and CPU. Frame rate does not jump down to 45 and then back to 90 any longer. It will smoothly go slower then 90 to 85, 84 etc. like playing a regular game. I was experimenting with making recordings showing game play and data. For the most part it is ok but the recording affects the game play as well. Might be worth investigating further.
I'm surprised that oculus offered up good money for this game. I didn't get any roomscale warnings for it which is why I put off superhot. Superhot ended up playing fine in my small play space. This game not so much. You need to actively quickly dodge and need some good space to do so. At least if you want to have any fun with the game. This was actually the first title that I've ever returned on steam. Very surprising since I'm a huge fan of serious sam. Ended up spending the money on the first encounter which was as great as expected.

I may revisit the last hope if I ever set up the rift in a larger room or it goes on deep discount.