AMD Comments on DirectX Raytracing Support


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Jul 26, 2005
Ray Tracing is the future, we know that (well, maybe even Path Tracing) but we are far from being there 100%. Games are made with rasterization in mind, first, period. Until games are 100% from the ground up a "tracing" game, and until video cards can run it in the midrange, it won't be but a niche of a niche thing, simple as that. Remember, the first batch of "Ray Tracing" in games is a hybrid method, and it only Ray Traces things like shadows and reflections. It doesn't Ray Trace the entire everything just yet. It's not fully Ray Traced, it's hybrid, and it's contained. So we are far, far off from truly Ray Trace engined games.

I'm glad the hardware sorta exists now, someone has to get the ball rolling, but one should not expect this to go mainstream for many years.

I don't think we well ever get "pure raytracing".

I think a Hybrid approach is better, rasterization is better and faster for most things, and RT is the best for lighting. Thing is, "Pure Raytracing" is still orders of magnitude slower. Even when rendering time has been cut from days to hours to minutes. Brute force is just not going to cut it.

I think AI will have much more to do in the coming years accelerating both rasterization and RT. I mean AI is already capable of creating lifelike images from "scratch". So eventually we may not even have rasterization or RT at all, just AI.


Jun 13, 2003
Granted, ray tracing is a bit different, but when only the top GPUs support it, and those GPUs cost an extreme premium, developers and customers alike are not going to be jumping up and down for that feature, and will be more interested in general performance rather than an esoteric feature which has yet to prove itself.

To be clear: 'developers and customers' are already jumping up and down for the feature.

Hell, most have implemented it. This is what comes next.

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May 7, 2007
To be clear: 'developers and customers' are already jumping up and down for the feature.

Hell, most have implemented it. This is what comes next.
NVM, watch the video two posts below - hardly "jumping up and down".
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Jan 29, 2012
I really think nVidia caught AMD flat footed here. And how could they not have, really. AMD has already been struggling to compete in terms of performance. There is no way they can develop their own RTX technology. They are going to try to reverse engineer what nVidia has done using whatever tools MS can give them. It's all going to take time. What AMD is saying here is PR spin. They don't have an answer, plain and simple.

I'm not saying it's a super big deal *yet*. But as time goes on and RTX becomes more widespread, AMD looks like they could have a big problem on their hands.


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Feb 1, 2005

Evidently the performance hit of this watered down ray tracing is so drastic that it's pointless. Enable RTX Ray Tracing = cut performance in half. This is with latest drivers, game patches, and Windows updates. A $1200 video card can barely run a game at 60 FPS at 1080p. I guess the good news is their card didn't catch on fire.