Amazon Patents Drone Able to Understand Speech and React to Gestures


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Amazon is known for constantly patenting different things, but this time they might be on to something. Their latest patent is interesting and a little funky because it's a patent for drone technology that allows the drone to understand what a person is saying and interpret human gestures. In this case I'm on board and I can't wait to tell a drone to frak off if it's in my yard and I didn't order anything. Also, I'm sure I could think of a couple of gestures to go along with the choice words I spew out.

In the filing, Amazon says the technology could be used to adjust plans for a drone delivered package after getting feedback from humans either through visible and audible gestures. Amazon doesn’t specify what gestures the drone could react to, but directions to place a package in a certain spot, or a wave of the arms to tell the machine not to come any closer seem like solid bets.
I would probably tell it to f-off and flip it the bird just because I can. Then when they become self aware I'll be one of the first that the Amazon drone army hunts down and kills.
This technology is just to make the drone understand when you're submissive and begging for your life before it kills you.
The gesture thing has been done and is in some commercial drones already.

I fail to see how the speech thing is new enough for a patent. It's literally taking technology from another area, covered by other patents (likely), and putting it into another product.
If the drone has very loud propeller noise, will it still be able to hear the voice commands?
I wonder if they will understand, "Get the F*** off my lawn!", and that the exclamation point looks and sounds a lot like a shotgun:mad: